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Are you having sparrow problems around your house or office? We will Remove and prevent the sparrows or any other bird from returning. We are highly confident in our work and pride ourselves as being an expert in sparrow and bird removal.


Services Provided:

Bird pest Control

Pigeon Control

Sparrow Control

Swallow Control

Bird proofing

Abolish Sparrow removal will solve your sparrow problems. The only way to prevent sparrows from nesting on or in your home is to exlcude them. No scaring devices, gels, nets or trapping houses will completely solve the problem. Sparrows are small and numerous, Our proofing methods are thorough and professional. Other Pest control companies will take the easy and temporary way. We take the effective and permanent method. Instead of solving just the problem we go to the source and prevent it from happening again! Not only will our sparrow control prevent sparrows from nesting, it will exclude other birds as well. Other Companies may use falcons, Electrified netting, air rifles or other disabling or killing methods. We are an environmentally caring company and will, in no way, harm Sparrows or other birds.


We do Sparrow control Killer Bees, Pigeons, Snakes, Crickets, Ants, Earwigs, Rats, Bats, Gophers, Fleas, Mice, Roaches, Silverfish, Black Widows, Ticks, Wasps, Water Beetles, Bees, Sow Bugs, Carpet Beatles, Skunks, Opossum, Raccoons and Yellow Jackets.

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When you call Abolish Sparrow Removal, you call professionals.

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We also control Bees, Animals, Rodents, insects, and other birds.


Sparrow Removal is the answer


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List Of Sparrows

-American Tree Sparrow
-Bachman's Sparrow
-Baird's Sparrow
-Black Throated Sparrow
-Black Chinned Sparrow
-Brewers Sparrow
-Cassin's Sparrow
-Chipping Sparrow
-Clay Colored Sparrow
-Field Sparrow
-Fox Sparrow
-Grasshopper Sparrow
-Golden Crowned Sparrow
-Rufous Crowned Sparrow
-Rufous Winged Sparrow
-Sage Sparrow
-Savannah Sparrow
-Seaside Sparrow
-Sharp Tailed Sparrow
-Song Sparrow
-Swamp Sparrow
-Vesper Sparrow
-White Crowned Sparrow
-White Throated Sparrow
-Yellow Winged Sparrow
-Harris' Sparrow
-Henslow's Sparrow
-Lapland Longspur
-Lark Bunting
-Lark Sparrow
-Le Conte's Sparrow
-Lincoln's Sparrow

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